Investment Advisory Services

L&P Investment Services offer Investment Advisory Services to a large variety of organisations, each of which has specific investment objectives.

Key to our approach is understanding each client's different circumstances and financial requirements.

We work with our clients to define those requirements, and then assist in implementing an investment strategy designed to meet them.


Tailored Investment Strategy

A clearly defined investment strategy is necessary to meet the particular needs of each client. L&P works with our clients to:

  • Determine key financial requirements
  • Translate these requirements into investment objectives
  • Set investment constraints
  • Design an investment strategy tailored to achieve these objectives
  • Develop a practical ethical investment policy, where desired
  • Select appropriate investment managers
  • Allocate resources to different investment strategies, products and managers to implement the strategy in the most effective way possible
  • Ensure competitive investment manager fees
  • Obtain the best returns from cash deposits placed with appropriate banks
  • Amend investment strategy over time to keep pace with the evolving needs of the client

Investment Managers: Selection and Evaluation

L&P has experience of and monitors a wide variety of global investment managers so we have the wide-ranging expertise to:

  • Help each client select the investment manager(s) with the approach and track record best suited to achieving their objectives
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of clients' chosen investment managers
  • Offer clients a clear and objective appraisal of the performance of their investment portfolios, delivered in quarterly reports which include an independent portfolio valuation and a commentary on economic / market events
  • Act as advisor and advocate for our clients in dealings with investment managers

Ethical Investment

Responding to our clients' desire to balance achievement of financial objectives with ethical concerns, L&P has developed a comprehensive framework for ethical policy and socially responsible investments. To find out more just click on the Ethical Investment link to the left.

Investing for Income

The low interest rates of recent years have created an obstacle for organisations used to depending on income from investment dividends, bond interest or bank deposit interest. It has been difficult to source sufficient income from secure, low-to-moderate risk investments to fund an organisation's income requirements.

Many of L&P's clients have had to adapt to this change in the financial environment by seeking alternative income-yielding investments beyond their traditional sources. In 2004 L&P developed an investment fund aimed specifically at answering this need for income. Managed by a prominent investment manager, this fund has earned and distributed an income return of 6% each year since inception, irrespective of the direction of stock markets.

Alternative Investments

Over the last few years, L&P has increasingly sourced investments considered as alternative (that is, not equities, bonds or cash) but which also comply with our clients' ethical considerations. Numerous alternative investments have been launched over the past few years. However, many would not pass our financial screening process; additionally, they would raise ethical concerns. We have therefore sought out investment opportunities that are both financially attractive and in keeping with our clients' ethos. These investments add a further layer of diversification to client investment portfolios.

Cash Deposit Management

We help clients to optimise the return on their cash holdings by continually monitoring the deposit rates and terms on offer from various financial institutions. Always mindful of risk, we deal only with institutions of solid standing, with whom we negotiate favourable terms and rates for our clients.

Low-Cost Foreign Exchange Service

Negotiation on foreign exchange rates is often overlooked by trustees understandably focused on achieving the best possible deposit rates - but a poor rate on foreign exchange transactions can prove very costly. At L&P, we use our knowledge of the market to achieve valuable discounts for our clients on foreign exchange services.


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