Governance Advisory Services

All organisations should operate within a good corporate governance framework. This applies as much to charities and not-for-profit organisations as to commercial enterprises. With the ever increasing level of regulation applying to the charities sector both in Ireland and abroad and with the introduction of various voluntary codes of practice, charities are increasingly expected to demonstrate how they are governed and to account for their use of resources.

L&P has been advising charities, trusts and not-for-profit organisations and religious congregations now for over 25 years. Our expertise and experience in the area of charity governance is unrivalled. The members of our Governance Team are fully qualified legal advisors and are experts in the charity and not-for-profit sector both in Ireland and internationally.

What do we do?

We provide comprehensive advice to our clients on governance issues relating to the structure and activities of their organisations. Our clients agree that we have a finely-tuned awareness of their particular requirements - including, in many cases, the need to observe both the requirements of civil law and the tenets of Canon Law.

Always taking a perspective in keeping with our clients' ethos, L&P offers practical advice and innovative solutions on matters including:

  • Formation and administration of charities (corporations / companies, trusts and unincorporated organisations)
  • Drafting constitutional documents
  • Roles and responsibilities of trustees, directors and members of charitable organisations
  • Attaining appropriate taxation exemption or charitable status
  • Review of the organisation's governance arrangements, to ensure that they are in keeping with accepted best practice and regulatory requirements
  • Compliance with relevant charity law
  • Restructuring, merger and amalgamation of charities
  • Risk management
  • Property-related matters and arrangements between religious congregations and associated ministries / charities
  • Complying with Voluntary Codes of Practice

Charity and Company Law

The matter of charity and trust law is an area that will come more to the fore in the future as the established principles of Canon Law structures are subject to greater public scrutiny and media comment. We will:

  • Provide advice to you of impending legislative changes relating to charitable activities and the likely impact on the company.
  • Provide advice regarding the role of directors of a company with charitable exemption vis-a-vis the role of those in leadership roles.

Charity Law

The introduction of legislation relating specifically to the activities of charities and not-for-profit organisations is continuing throughout the world. L&P can advise clients on their domestic obligations under such legislation and any changes necessary for compliance.

Corporate Governance Training

L&P provides comprehensive training for new and existing trustees, covering a range of essential topics including:

  • Governance
  • Role and responsibilities of trustees
  • Risk management
  • Relationship between board and management
  • Succession planning
  • Developing a governance manual / policy

We regularly run seminars on the above topics and we can provide specialised training to newly appointed charity trustees, boards and CEOs.