Company Secretarial Services

Every Company must have a Company Secretary, who is jointly responsible, with the Board of Directors, for compliance with the Companies Acts 1963-2013, as well as the administration of all related matters.

L&P provides this service for many of our incorporated clients. By acting as company secretary to our client companies, we can ensure that adequate measures are put in place so that they fulfill our statutory obligations. From the promoter's perspective, this provides them with the protection that their obligations are being met and the regulations are being complied with. We also ensure that the company is being managed in accordance with best practice.

What We Do

With the provision of company secretarial services to client companies, we have developed two ranges of our services, notably the following:

  • An annual company secretarial service in which we take on responsibility for the compliance role and ensure that the client company fulfills their statutory obligations under the Companies Acts
  • Bespoke company secretarial services which provide the services outlined above, together with additional services, in which we would have a more significant role by attending board meetings and providing more detailed advice to the board. We would work with the board on matters such as good governance practice within the company, develop the necessary policies and procedures and also deal with other ad hoc queries relevant to the company.

Our Approach

We handle all company secretarial matters, whether routine or complex, and ensure that each procedure is carried out professionally and without delay. The services offered are tailored to meet our client's needs but include as standard the following administration and compliance roles:

  • Arranging and issuing the notices for Annual General Meetings (AGMs), Extraordinary General Meetings (EGMs) and meetings of the Board of Directors of the company
  • Attending meetings, recording and distributing the minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors, the AGM and other general meetings of the company
  • Drafting appropriate resolutions regarding changes in the company's legal documents
  • Keeping charge of statutory registers as required by the provisions of the Companies Acts
  • Preparing and filing the annual returns to the Registrar of Companies
  • Notifying the Registrar of any changes to the officer and / or the registered office of the Company
  • Providing the Registrar with details of charges entered into by the company

L&P can provide similar services to a group of Trustees in our Trustee Secretarial Services offering.

Registered Office

L&P provides our clients with a registered office address, which serves as the official company address for both the Companies Registration Office and the relevant regulatory authorities. This dedicated address ensures that all official correspondence relating to legal and compliance matters is responded to in a timely and appropriate way.